Habitat Kusta Hebat (HKH) is a dream for a decent and independent life in people with leprosy. The dream is not likely to be realized if it does not start with a great imagination. Starting with a concern, dr.Muherman Harun was inspired to raise the dignity of people affected by leprosy who for centuries lived in poverty, marginalized, and got a lot of negative stigma.

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Our Vision

  • Persons affected by Leprosy and any other person share the same universal human dignity, regardless of sex, religion or socio-economic status.
  • The persons affected by Leprosy should be helped and guided towards achieving universal human dignity.
  • There should be no limit for providing help and guidance to the persons affected by Leprosy towards that end.

Our Mission

  • Explore and secure any existing commodities, sources and resources from the government or other agency for the community affected by Leprosy.
  • Provide any needs/life necessities for the persons affected by Leprosy for the sole purpose of becoming an excellent prototype of how a community of persons affected by Leprosy, if empowered, can achieve self-reliance, standing on their own feet.
  • In the future, persons affected by Leprosy should be able to market their excellent products for the benefit of the people beyond their habitat.

Our Commitment

  • To set up a village, ‘Habitat’ for persons with Leprosy to be named Habitat Kusta Hebat.
  • We are fully convinced that this Habitat Kusta Hebat, when operated and managed ideally through empowerment of persons with Leprosy towards total self-reliance, may serve as a model of how to eliminate the centuries olden stigma as well as the mythos of leprosy in the future.


We wish to empower them. Helping people affected by leprosy to find their self-esteem. So much so that people would respect them even if they are people affected by leprosy. We wish these people eventually regain their human dignity which is so inherent to every individual, regardless of their sex, race, faith or socio-economic status.


We would like to provide them with a decent house and a garden, and to assist them in various endeavors such as agriculture projects, all sustainable. Their products should have excellent marketing values for facilitating supplies to nearby city. These activities should help them, to help themselves, aiming at self-reliance to finally stand on their own feet!


How we want to give all we have to make this project successful but we still direly need your help which will make this project unique. Any amount you can spend, would be most welcome. We wish this project may serve as a model in dealings with durable assistance to people affected by leprosy.


In the past, most persons affected by leprosy earn their living by begging alms at various busiest corners of the streets. Due to their fate and appearance, kindhearted people would give some little or more than little funds. Others may pledge contributions periodically. For how long? Aren’t these people doomed to beg until the end of their lives?

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